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Are there more Hmong coming to the United States?

There are no more Hmong coming to Wisconsin nor the U.S.  As stated earlier, the last group of Hmong refugee families that came to the United States from Thailand was between June 2004 and May 2006.  About 70% of the 650 Hmong refugees that came to Central Wisconsin resettled in the greater Wausau area.

There are still several thousand (7,000) Hmong refugees in Thailand, but the U.S. government has no plan to bring them to this country.  The Thai and Lao governments had decided to repatriate the Hmong in Thailand back to Laos.  The repatriation has already begun in small numbers.  There is fear that the Lao government would imprison or even persecute Hmong leaders and men who were returned because of their roles during the Vietnam War under the United States CIA.