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Do the Hmong want to integrate into American society?

The Hmong are integrating into American society. They are making great strides during the past 30 years. A significant number of Hmong are graduating from high schools and colleges.  95% of all able body Hmong-Americans are participating in the local workforce. Nearly 70% of all Hmong families have become homeowners. In addition, a growing number of Hmong families are starting family-run businesses. These businesses include grocery stores, restaurants, specialty clothing stores, video shops, and small manufacturing.

For the most part, Hmong children are doing well in schools.  An increasing number of Hmong high school graduates have gone on to colleges or universities. Many have graduated from college and are returning to the community to work and serve as bridges between the Hmong and the larger communities. There are Hmong doctors, teachers, school counselors, nurses, social workers, bankers, businessmen, insurance agent, elected officials, and many others.

The majority of Hmong have become U.S. citizens.  The Hmong-Americans are getting more involved in the community, and generally doing the varied things that one would expect in any community.  In essence, they have become productive and contributing members of the community.